Analysis of production and post-harvest systems

Work Package 1 is seeking to produce knowledge about the diversity of production systems, particularly in Guinea, which is the largest producer of fonio in West Africa.

For each type of system identified, the exact place occupied by fonio among all other production, both of crops and livestock, is being recorded, alongside the cropping methods (as part of a cropping plan, rotation, technical arrangements), its place in household incomes and diversity in its use (food , forage, cover crop etc.).

Producers' objectives and strategies are being characterised in order to clarify the dynamics of the changes observed (diversification, but also specialisation, exports and sometimes abandonment) and to establish a link with the downstream sector. The socio-technical environment of fonio production is also being studied (professional organisations, private suppliers etc.) to identify those segments where the demand for services is not currently met or is likely to hinder the development of this particular crop (agronomic advice, seeds, agricultural machinery etc.). 

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