The innovation process in small processing plants

In small fonio processing companies, understanding the innovation dynamics is a key issue from the point of view of the strategy of these organisations and the nature of the support given to them.

Actors in the innovation system (Activity 5.1)

Researchers are analysing the technical innovation processes which have occurred over the past decade, in order to take into account the contributions made by previous fonio projects.

Relations between the components of the innovation system (Activity 5.2)

Research is focusing on all the activities, resources and organisational arrangements conducive to innovation and the different levels of coordination of these innovations.

The research process combines an ethnographic approach in terms of technical systems which connect man-tools-materials and a complementary approach which addresses the innovation process itself in terms of socio-technical networks.

The appropriation process in technical innovations (Activity 5.3)

This is a research-action activity based on the hypothesis that the success of proposed innovations depends, above all, on the ability to initiate a networking process for actors.

The approach to innovation is part of an interdisciplinary and participatory procedure. It aims to provide a method and specific tools which integrate different actors from the design phase of new equipment.

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