Based on a long-standing partnership between Cirad and African research, the Aval Fonio project  seeks to pool existing expertise and resources in order to develop research aimed at improving post-harvest technologies and the development of fonio.

  • Presentation

    GMBF fonio dehuller (© J-F Cruz, Cirad)
    The Aval Fonio project was selected by the African Union as part of its 2012 call for proposals specifically focused on priority Science and Technology actions in the field of 'Post-harvest and Agriculture'.
  • Issues

    Winnowing of fonio (© Cirad, Charlotte Martin)
    Even today, post-harvest and processing practices for fonio are, for the most part, traditional and manual.
  • Objectives

    A sachet of precooked fonio (© Cirad, J-F Cruz)
    The specific objective of the Aval Fonio project is to mechanise post-harvest technologies and the processing of fonio by small businesses.

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