Facilitation, coordination and communication

The facilitation, coordination and communication of the project's actions are being achieved through various activities

Website to inform stakeholders (Activity 6.1)

The website is dedicated to the project partners, but for the general public it also complements the general site on fonio [http://fonio.cirad.fr/en/fonio]

Final seminar (Activity 6.2)

A seminar will be organised in 2015 to present the main results of the project's various actions. In order to attract a wider audience, it may be held in connection with a major event such as an agricultural exhibition.

Publication of results (Activity 6.3)

Aval Fonio partners are being encouraged to publish popular science articles and 'journalistic' briefs to share the project's results. Information leaflets and posters are being produced and will be disseminated or presented at various events (conferences, exhibitions etc.). At the end of the project, a CD compilation of the major scientific and technical results will be published. 

Organisation of specific workshops (Activity 7.1)

Several meetings and workshops have been scheduled:

  • A kick-off meeting and workshops were held in Dakar, Senegal, in April 2013.
  • Interdisciplinary workshops bringing together researchers involved in different activity groups.
  • Annual meetings of the steering committee.

Various training courses (Activity 7.2)

The project is organising various training sessions, such as:

  • Training in the use of management software for project administrators (held in Dakar in April 2013).
  • Training " Equipment design method" held in Dakar (ESP-UCAD) in September 2013. 

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